Performance Agreements

Local Incentive

Performance agreements, often referred to as job-based agreements, are contracted incentives between companies and the Frisco EDC. Companies are required to meet certain metrics, such as number of jobs, capital investment, size of space leased or build or other specific project details, etc., before any incentives are paid to the company. These types of agreements require companies to complete annual compliance reports detailing proof of meeting performance metrics. Once the compliance report is submitted, it is reviewed by the FEDC staff and Board of Directors. Once approved, incentives are then paid within a specified time frame.

Economic Incentives offered by the Frisco EDC are negotiated on a case-by-case basis subject to the qualifications, conditions and requirements to be fully described within an Agreement and subject to the approval of the Frisco Economic Development Corporation, Board of Directors.

Area and State grants are available to assist companies with their training needs.

Please reach out to the EDC staff at 972-292-5150 for further information.

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