I am a neuropsychologist

I am at UT Southwestern in Frisco, Texas

I am engaged in collaborative concussion research

I am a proud soccer mom

I am helping patients lead healthier lifestyles

I am a first-generation American

I am an advocate for women in science

How did Dr. Didehbani and UT Southwestern Frisco find space to grow sports medicine innovation in Frisco, also known as Sports City, USA? Through partnership and passion, the drive to provide top tier medical care to athletes of all skill levels was born.

Dr. Nyaz Didehbani is a licensed neuropsychologist, Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at UT Southwestern Medical Center, and Co-Director of the Neurorehabilitation Program at UT Southwestern Frisco. She specializes in neuropsychological assessment with a primary focus on sports-related concussion and neurocognitive disorders.

Dr. Didehbani is currently engaged in collaborative concussion research, a first-of-its-kind partnership between UT Southwestern Frisco and Texas Health Resources. The facility brings UT Southwestern Medical Center’s world-renowned research and nationally acclaimed medical care to Frisco. The outpatient center offers more than 15 adult and pediatric specialties, a rehab facility, onsite labs, imaging and a retail pharmacy, making it a one-stop shop for Frisco’s active and rapidly expanding population.

Dr. Didehbani’s research on the longitudinal effects of head impact on young athletes and the aging effects of traumatic brain injury is an invaluable resource for Frisco’s community of athletes, ranging from beginners to elite professionals. Frisco now has access to one of the nation’s top academic medical centers at the forefront of the latest scientific advances in sports medicine.

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