Careington Building

I am CEO of Careington

I am protecting 15 million members

I am the daughter of a World War II vet

I am bringing winds of change

I am full of grit and determination

I am inspired by those who serve

I am committed to women in business

I am energy

Do growing companies and women in business thrive in Frisco? Barbara Fasola, CEO of Careington International Corporation, says "Absolutely—Frisco shares my vision."

Barbara Fasola leads one of the nation's largest non-insured, direct-pay healthcare product aggregators, Careington International Corporation, right here in Frisco. Careington has built its outstanding reputation as an innovative, solutions-oriented market leader for nearly 40 years. Today, Careington serves more than 15 million members and has a growing client base that includes the nation's largest insurers and some of the most respected Fortune 500 companies.

Careington made the strategic decision to move its headquarters to Frisco in 2001, making it one of the first corporations to break ground in the city. "We had just over 40 employees at the time, but we were growing. It was the perfect parallel to the recent growth Frisco was experiencing and the massive boom it would soon realize," says Barbara. Today, under Barbara's leadership, Careington has grown to more than 400 employees at its three-campus Frisco headquarters.

When discussing Frisco's highly skilled and educated workforce, Barbara says, "The City of Frisco promotes business, innovation, inclusion and diversity, which has helped make it possible for us to not only expand our business model, but also attract and retain a strong staff of tenured, experienced, and engaged employees."

Frisco's dynamic business climate is just one reason innovative companies like Careington thrive here. "We are a niche, forward-thinking company with a focus on growth and innovation, and a unique ability to provide fully customized solutions that produce a superior customer experience for our clients," says Barbara. "We continually blaze trails in the evolving healthcare space."

Blazing trails is nothing new to Barbara. She attributes much of her determination and get-it-done mindset to being raised by a World War II veteran. In fact, Barbara founded and chairs the non-profit Families of World War II Veterans in an effort to share the story of World War II with future generations who aren't as connected to it as she is. "The idea to create a charity that celebrates these heroes and their sacrifices by awarding scholarships to deserving college-bound students seemed like the perfect fit," she says.

Frisco shares Barbara's ideals that support women in business and encourage women in leadership roles. Careington has a female CEO, CFO, CIO, co-owner and general counsel, and much of the company's executive and management teams are women. "I never grew up thinking women couldn't achieve. I was raised to believe that gender doesn't matter." Frisco agrees.

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