Frisco Rail District Investment Zone Pilot Program

The Frisco Rail District Investment Zone Pilot Program provides performance-based matching grants for eligible Type A tenants and commercial properties located within the Frisco Rail District's Original Town Commercial (OTC) District.

This initiative was created to support revitalization of downtown Frisco. This program directly supports the Frisco Economic Development Corporation's mission to create new jobs and improve the economic opportunities and quality of life for all Frisco residents. This program also aligns with the Frisco City Council's 2024 Top Ten Priority of facilitating downtown redevelopment.

This three-year pilot program aims to support revitalization of downtown Frisco by fostering a daytime economy through the attraction of projects, industries and companies that will advance the redevelopment of the Frisco Rail District, and in turn, will develop a nighttime economy as well.

Who is Eligible?

Type A Tenants and/or Property Owners located within the Original Town Commercial (OTC) District of the Frisco Rail District – a half block south of Elm Street and west of 5th Street.

What is a Type A Business?

Type A businesses are commercial businesses in which the majority of its products or services are marketed beyond Frisco to regional, state, national or international markets, infusing new dollars in the local economy and falls within one of the required NAICS codes. A list of eligible NAICS codes can be found in the Frisco Rail District Investment Zone Program Policy, here

What are Eligible Improvements?

Example of eligible improvements include streetscapes, façade, and interior infrastructure improvements, such as upgrading sprinkler systems and electrical to meet code compliance, replacing roofing, flooring, and HVAC systems, as well as installing awnings, canopies, or signage. Approved applicants will receive up to a 50% reimbursement for approved development expenses. 

Where is the OTC?

The Original Town Commercial (OTC) District is a portion of the Frisco Rail District, located a half block south of Elm Street and west of 5th Street.

How do I Get Started?

  1. Meet with Frisco EDC: Prior to the application submission, the applicant must meet with Frisco Economic Development Corporation staff to determine eligibility.

  2. Meet with Development Services: Eligible applicants must submit their plans for infrastructure improvements and/or façade improvements for review and approval by Development Services prior to applying to the Frisco Rail District Investment Zone Pilot Program. The applicant will need to submit proof of approval by Development Services with their application.

I'm Eligible. Now What?

  1. Submit an Application: All applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to available funds and FEDC Board of Directors approval.

  2. Board Approval: Applications will be reviewed by the Frisco EDC Staff and recommended for approval to the Frisco EDC Board of Directors. The Frisco EDC Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month during.

  3. Compliance Meeting: If approved by the Frisco EDC board, the applicant must enter into a written performance agreement with the Frisco EDC prior to construction of the improvements to be eligible for the program. Within 30 days of the agreement being signed, the applicant must schedule a company meeting to review all agreement requirements with the City of Frisco Compliance Manager.

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This page was updated on May 17, 2024 to include more information on the eligibility requirements and approval process.

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