First mass timber building project goes up in Frisco

By Jobin Panicker
July 20, 2023

FRISCO, Texas — It is the newest building to grace Collin County's ever-changing skyline. 

The seven-story, 242,000-square-foot retail and office space building is along State Highway 121 and Spring Creek Parkway. It is dubbed The Offices at Southstone Yards, and it is unlike any other building you'll find in North Texas.

"They walk off the elevator and they say 'wow.'  They smell it. Lots of times people say it smells like popsicle sticks. They can't help but come up and touch it," said Jim McCaffrey, managing director of Crow Holdings Development.

The Offices is built almost entirely of the environmentally friendly mass timber. The mass timber concept has been around for decades but has not been used in large scale projects. 

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