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Best Place to Live, Best Place to Visit

Best Place to Live/Best Place to Visit
Strategically located in the development hotbed of the North Platinum Corridor, Frisco means business as the best place to live and best place to visit. Frisco is one of the most desirable locations in the United States to live, work, play, educate and innovate. Contact a member of the Frisco Economic Development Corporation's staff to find out how to see yourself in Frisco now. And check out these fun videos below!

Best Place to Live

Frisco Economic Development Corporation
The Frisco EDC operates as a Texas non-profit corporation and is governed by a seven-member board of directors appointed by the Frisco, Texas City Council. Job number one is facilitating the creation of jobs, as the Frisco EDC's mission is to improve the economic opportunities and quality of life for all Frisco residents. The Frisco EDC has facilitated major economic development projects, resulting in hundreds of projects and thousands of jobs in the City of Frisco.

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Best Place to Visit

Visit Frisco
Founded in 2003, Visit Frisco, the official Destination Marketing Organization for the City of Frisco, has grown in tandem with the extensive growth of leisure travel, sports and meeting facilities within the city. Visit Frisco's mission is to generate a positive awareness of Frisco as a premier destination for meetings, sporting events, convention, trade shows, leisure travel, and to positively impact the economic base of the City of Frisco.