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Incentive Survey

Prospects are required to complete required documentation to be considered for an Economic Incentive Proposal. An Economic Impact Survey is required from each prospect to be used for an Economic Impact Analysis that allows the FEDC to determine the projected economic impact the project will have on the City of Frisco.

Please download the Economic Impact Survey below that applies to your type of project. Completed surveys should be emailed to survey@friscoedc.com

Economic Impact Survey (non-infrastructure) updated October 2018
This version is for businesses looking to relocate or expand into existing commercial space in Frisco. 

Economic Impact Survey - Infrastructure  updated October 2017
This version is for projects requiring new construction in Frisco.

Based on the projected economic value of the project to the City of Frisco during a specified time, the FEDC prepares an Economic Incentive Proposal, which outlines the Company’s Performance Requirements that must be met to qualify and receive the FEDC economic incentives.

The Performance Requirements may include the number of full-time jobs to be created, the capital investment, size of space leased or built and other details specific to the project. FEDC economic grants are paid as a reimbursement grant of project expenses over a period of time based on the company’s attainment of negotiated Performance Requirements on or before an agreed date.

To formalize the deal, the FEDC prepares a Performance Agreement for FEDC Board of Directors approval containing the terms and conditions for which FEDC economic incentives will be paid upon the verification that the Company has met the Performance Requirements specified in the Agreement. Qualifying projects may be offered FEDC economic incentives on a per job basis of $500, $1,000 or more.