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3…2…1…CodeLaunch! 2017 Application Deadline is today, May 31

3…2…1…CodeLaunch! 2017 Application Deadline is today, May 31

Don’t miss this opportunity! The CodeLaunch V overall winner will receive more than $25,000 in seed services; but before you can win, you have to apply. Simply share a little about yourself, your team, and your software startup idea in the online form before today’s deadline (May 31, 2017).

What is CodeLaunch?

Frisco-based Code Authority realized that most tech start-ups are forced put the chicken before the egg when it comes to gaining funding. That is, in order to get investors, the start-up must present a final product backed by sales.

Code Authority decided to reverse the system by creating the annual CodeLaunch seed accelerator competition for early stage software product start-ups. The only requirement for entering: an idea for an app—no finished product or sales required.  

Startups from around the globe apply, and the Code Authority team narrows down the entries to five competitors who present their pitches in front of judges, investors, developers, and members of the start-up community.

The winner will receive a two-day “hackathon” for their product by the Code Authority Team, plus benefits from sponsors and partners such as go-to-market consulting among other professional services.

Following the competition, the CodeLaunch Start-Up Expo connects angels, developers and start-up founders in a tradeshow setting designed to foster deals and partnerships.

The Frisco EDC is pleased to sponsor the annual CodeLaunch finals at Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco, Texas on August 9.