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Water Rates
Water Rates
$14.00 (minimum) for the first 2000 gallons
$2.76/per thousand for 2,001-15,000 gallons
$3.22/per thousand for 15,001-25,000
$3.46/per thousand for 25,001 or more gallons


Sewer Rates
Sewer Rates
$14.00 (minimum) for the first 2000 gallons
$2.55/per thousand for 2,001 or more

For more specific information contact Utility Billing at 972-292-5575 or utilitybilling@friscotexas.gov
Electricity (Provider depends on location)

Dual Feed Available: Yes
Distribution Voltage (KV Rating): 25 KV
Transmission Voltage (KV Rating): 69KV 138KV 345KV
Service Voltage: 120/208 120/240 277/480
Total Capacity: 22,449,000 KW
Reserve at System Peak: 26.9%
Reliability: .99


Distribution Voltage (KV Rating): 25KV
Transmission Voltage (KV Rating): 138 KV
Service Voltage: 120/208 120/240 277/480
Total Capacity: 2,078,000 KW
Reserve at System Peak: 15.2%
Dual Feed Available: YES
Reliability: .99

Other providers
First Choice Power, Inc. - 1-866-469-2464
GEXA Energy - 1-866-961-9399
Green Mountain - 1-866-473-3689
Reliant Energy - 1-866-735-4268
Stream Energy - 1-866-447-8732
TXU Energy Inc. - 1-866-225-5898

Natural Gas (Provider depends on location)
Atmos Energy is the largest natural-gas-only distributor in the United States. Their regulated distribution operations deliver natural gas to 3.2 million residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and public-authority customers. Distribution services are provided to more than 1,600 communities in 12 states.
CoServ - 800-274-4014

Telephone Service (Provider depends on location)

  • Switching Equipment: Central Office 5ESS
  • Fiber Optics: YES
  • Other Services:
  • A number of SLC-96 and SLC Series 5 are utilized in the local network, some officio are served by fiber optic cable
  • T-1 circuits capable of interactive video service are available
  • ISDN available
  • Central Office is digital

Other providers
Grande Communications - 1-877-238-6891
Sage Telecom - 1-888-449-4940
Frontier Communications - 1-855-390-3958