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Frisco Park 25

 A new business park is coming to Frisco, Texas, in 2018. The Frisco Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) is launching Frisco Park 25 to address the demand for shovel-ready sites zoned to accommodate tech/flex office space in Frisco. Frisco Park 25 meets that need with a proposed site plan for a modern, high-end commercial development that is 216 acres zoned for industrial and commercial use... cont. reading full press release.

The proposed site plan shown below, shows 14 building sites. Sites "A" through "G" are proposed to be developed in Phase 1. See Land Use Data table below for specific Site dimensions.

The site is generally flat and is undeveloped property. The site's former use was agricultural production, and there are no known environmental issues. Read detailed property information here.

Contact Stefanie Wagoner for more information at 972.292.5150.

Location in DFW
The site is less than 35 miles from Dallas - Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field.  Collin County Regional Airport is 15 miles to the northeast, and the site is within a 30-minute drive of Dallas.

Location in Frisco 
Located in the northern part of Frisco, the property boundary to the west is a mainline BNSF Railroad, to the south is a soon to open six-lane Rockhill Parkway, to the east is six-lane divided Preston Road, and to the north Parvin Branch.   Access to the site will be available by three major routes, Rockhill Parkway from the Dallas North Tollway, Preston Road, and Preston Road from US Highway 380.




TRACT                      ACRES +/- BUILDABLE S.F. +/-    DIMENSIONS +/- D' x W'  
Site "A"   LOT 1, BLOCK C         33.0 458,700 782' x' 1850'
Site "B"   LOT 1, BLOCK A 8.70   667' x 551'
Site "C"   LOT 1, BLOCK A 8.83   667' x 511'
Site "D"   LOT 4, BLOCK B 10.34 159,905 1007' x 444'
Site "E"   LOT 3, BLOCK B 8.90   507' x 821'
Site "F"   LOT 2, BLOCK B 12.73   575' x 1020'
Site "G"   LOT 2, BLOCK B 4.20   400' x 523'
Site "H"   LOT 5, BLOCK B 12.18 212,428 510' x 1044'
Site "I"    LOT 2, BLOCK B 6.90   501' x 598'
Site "J"   LOT 1, BLOCK B 3.80   359' x 667'
Site "K"   LOT 1, BLOCK C 37.86   1500' x 1300'
Site "L"   LOT 2, BLOCK C 10.44   485' x 1053'
Site "M"  LOT 2, BLOCK C 36.22   996' x 1597'
TOTAL Net Usable 193.72    
Common Areas 13.77 Street R.O.W.  
  6.34 Lake / Greenbelt  
  2.39 South Rockhill Pkwy.  
TOTAL GROSS 216.22    

The Frisco Park 25 name was chosen as plans for the business park were made during the FEDC's 25th anniversary year.